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Engineer the World

We are pleased to announce that the National Science Teachers Association has chosen "Dream, Invent, Create" to be
an NSTA Recommends© book. 

We developed the 40 page, 8" x 8" publication "Dream, Invent, Create" as a way to introduce engineering to kids in elementary school and early middle school. It will help them make a connection between the everyday world and engineering — and excite them about the possibilities. Just $6.95!

NOW AVAILABLE: A Teacher's Guide!

  • The first 32 pages refer to the many disciplines of engineering, using colorful and whimsical illustrations and fun, engaging poetry and rhymes.
  • Kids will learn that engineers create rockets, sky scrapers, video games, robots, sports equipment and much more. 
  • They will see that engineering is all around us, and that engineers make the world a better place.
  • Fun facts about each type of engineering discipline wrap around the borders of the pages, providing more information for more advanced readers. 
  • Following these pages are three interactive pages: A scavenger hunt to find items in the illustrations of the book, a word search puzzle, and a crossword puzzle. Each interactive page is incrementally harder, providing a challenge for kids ages seven through eleven.
  • In addition, there's a page called "Think About It" with many thought-provoking questions to spark discussions about the role of engineering in our lives. Two creative writing assignments are also included. Educators could use this page in the classroom or as a part of after-school activities. 
  • The book ends with a simple, hands-on engineering activity (using common kitchen products) that anyone can take part in!  
  • Take a look at our video below, and click through a few of the pages, beneath. 
  • To use Dream, Invent, Create in your classroom, check out our Teacher's Guide!
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