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Active in engineering outreach? Or maybe just starting out?

You need reliable, fact-based information about what’s going on in the field. But that’s hard to find. People are too busy running their own programs, doing their day jobs, meeting their own local needs. There’s no time for gathering and making sense of information about what everyone else is doing.

“Engineering Outreach on Campus” has the information you need

From audiences and purposes to types of events to general operations, this report provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of how colleges and universities do engineering outreach. Use the data we collected from 109 programs at 91 institutions to benchmark your outreach activities, grow your operations, or get started on the right foot with a new program.

Do you know:

  • The most popular purposes for engineering outreach programs?

  • What audiences and how many people outreach programs actually reach?

  • The most common types of events programs offer?

  • How much money programs have in their budgets?

  • Where the money comes from?

  • Who and how many people, on average, work for outreach programs?

  • How people assess their programs?

Find these answers and more in “Engineering Outreach on Campus.”

"Engineering Outreach on Campus” is for outreach experts and beginners alike

Comprehensive, representative overview of what’s going on right now in the engineering outreach field

  • Results from over 20% of US engineering schools

  • Wide-ranging information and analysis about audiences, purposes, events, budgets, and operations

  • Volumes of data for pursuing your own areas of interest

Help with your program for your needs

  • For benchmarking your program

  • For insights on expanding or diversifying current operations

  • For tips on getting started

“Engineering Outreach on Campus” will show you how.

Photo courtesy of the NC State College of Engineering, The Engineering Place