Our Cybersecurity Career Guide, a great resource for middle school and high school students, is now available!

Our 52-page magazine-style guide includes: 

  • An explanation of cybersecurity. From malware and phishing to ransomware and password attacks, how these cybercrimes affect every industry.

  • Types of cyber jobs. Roles in cybersecurity as defined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), along with salary information.

  • Education pathways: 

High school prep—all about classes and competitions

Where to go for associates degrees and certificates in cybersecurity

Four-year colleges and universities that specialize in cybersecurity

Support for women and minorities

  • Careers in nearly every industry: 

Private-sector companies that hire cybersecurity professionals

Firms that specialize in cybersecurity

Government cybersecurity careers

Just $8.95 per copy!

Why create a career guide for cybersecurity?
Check out our blog post at New America!


A few pages from the Cybersecurity Career Guide, below

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Our publication can be customized for your organization, with your ad (or message) on the back and a custom letter from your CEO or director on page 1. More information here.

Cybersecurity Career Guide
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