"The book arrived in the mail yesterday. I must say I am absolutely blown away with the creativity of the formatting and the inviting presentation of the subject matter! I teach 6th grade and in TN, which is the first year students are introduced to engineering. I have been searching for several years for something I could use to present the concept of engineering and what engineers do- this book is PERFECT!!! I love how the pages are left uncluttered, with just basic information presented, but the wrap around informational boarder gives so much more, super interesting information on each career.

Thank you for sharing this with me. I will be purchasing one for my granddaughter, nieces and nephews, and every other child I know! I will also be sharing it in every professional circle I am involved in—OUTSTANDING book!"

Margie Hawkins
Sixth Grade Science/Science Dept. Chair
Winfree Bryant Middle School /Educational Consultant
Brentwood, TN
2012 PAEMST recipient and was Chairman of the Steering Committee for the
2012 NSTA Stem Forum and Expo, a STEM Educational Consultant


“It is a great book to get students excited and informed about engineering. I especially enjoyed that there are interactive activities at the end."  

Elise Zolczynski
Community Resources for Science,
Berkeley, CA


“My initial thought is it’s fantastic! I love it. ... The layout of the book makes it a great book to reread and discover additional details. It took me reading it the second time through to want to stop and look at the information on the perimeter of the pages. I like the activities in the back as well.” 

Kellie Taylor
K-5 Engineering Teacher
Boise, ID


"First of all, I absolutely loved the artwork. It’s beautiful; its clean lines and warm colors are really inviting. The book contains material suitable for various age groups, it’s a great little resource for ideas, There is so much information, it can be used in many different ways throughout a number of grades and age groups. 

Roxanna Montoya, M.Ed
Education and Curriculum Advisor
Youth and College Student Mentor
Instructor, Arizona State University
ASU/NASA Space Grant Mentor


"LOVE the book ... showed it around the school and to friends."

Steve Heck, Lt Col USAF (Ret) 
Astronaut - Citizens in Space
President - ARETE STEM Project
Ohio Veteran's Hall of Fame - 2012
Commercial Spaceflight Federation
SARG K-12 Education & Public Outreach
NASA Endeavor Fellow
Cincinnati, OH


"I received your Engineering book and I love it. What a great presentation of areas that engineering affects in a kid friendly style. I would tell you if I thought there was anything that was out of place and I could find nothing. I especially appreciate the references to feeding the world and making cities green. I have a fourth grade team right now that are doing a unit on rooftop gardens. We have several places in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that are doing this."

Denise Skinner
Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Cannon STEM
Grapevine, TX


"I think your book is outstanding. It is never too early to share engineering with our students. I like how you highlight a category of engineers on each page. Each page is colorful and packed with information. I was particularly excited about the engineering challenge at the end. I passed the book to our elementary specialist to determine grade level for our district. She placed the book in 2nd grade. I look forward to purchasing copies of this book for our second grade team."

Jeffrey Patterson
Science Curriculum Coordinator at Norman Public Schools
Oklahoma City, OK


"I received your book today. I had one of my students look at it as well. It is colorful and full of information. I like the additional information around the outside of the pages. I also like the variety of engineers included. That is one of the things we emphasize with our students. There is an engineering division for just about any interest a student might have."

Debbie Putney
Literacy teacher at STEM Academy Pocahontas Elementary
Richmond, VA


"Your children’s’ STEM book is awesome -- as I expected…! The illustrations & rhyming prose are charming & fun…Schools & businesses will show foresight when they climb 'on board'. Teachers & kids must LOVE this precious STEM book..!"

Terri Lee Nielsen
Satori Consulting, Inc.
STEM & Early College
Denver, CO

"Received the book... I think it is awesome. Very engaging and wonderful graphics. I would love to read this to a group of young engineers some time soon!"

Jim Forde
Science Teacher  
Stamford Public Schools
Stamford, CT


"I just opened my copy of Dream Invent Create! What a fantastic work ! I love this and will share it today with my 3rd-5th grade Builders' Club! Please let me know how we can partner together more effectively in the future. Thanks again for your great work. "

Xan Black
Tulsa Alliance for Engineering
Tulsa, OK


"Great book! You really did a great job with the book."

Susan Rodriguez
STEM Curriculum Developer
Whiteriver Unified School District
Whiteriver, AZ


"I am working on my STEM curriculum for Engineering at Utah State University SLCO Extension. I love your book!! I am developing the STEM program K-12 and engineering is my first priority. I am creating a Engineering Mobile Lab. I am also creating partnerships with local engineers and adding real life Engineering activities to my curriculum."

Keila Mower
Utah State University STEM Education
South Jordan, UT


"I love it! The illustrations match the components of the content well. You truly touch upon the many types of engineering that exist to give kids a well-rounded understanding of what engineering can be. I definitely say it would be a hit for intermediate grades (3-5)."

Gretchen Brinza
STEM Magnet Academy
Chicago, IL


"For the purposes of instructional reading, the book would be appropriate for the grade 2-4 level. The content is fantastic. I really liked the add-on content around the perimeter of each page...The activity at the end of the book was a great addition as an extended learning piece with a hint of real world application, as well as providing students the opportunity to collaborate and use the engineering design cycle."

Kellie Fleming

K-12 STEM Content Support Resource Teacher (TOSA) 
Vista Unified School District - Curriculum & Instruction
Vista, CA


Photos from the Community Resources for Science 2013-2014 Science Superstar Program

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