This guide is designed for teachers to lead lessons in engineering even with no  experience or training in the field. All you’ll need is some time to prepare and willingness to learn alongside your students. And being open to having some fun!

Sections in the guide follow those in Dream, Invent, Create, one for each of the 16 engineering fields featured in the book. These sections are designed to enable teachers to make as much or as little of each section as they wish. You can provide a basic lesson about the field under discussion or an extended one.

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Teaching a basic lesson

The first two pages of each section prepare teachers to:

  • Read the text with students.
  • Review new vocabulary words.
  • Discuss the “thought questions” provided to explore with students what a field of engineering is all about.

Teaching an extended lesson

After the introductory material, each section presents one or more activities. The activities prepare teachers to:

  • Summarize the activity.
  • Explain the link to engineering.
  • Guide a warm-up discussion.
  • Lead the lesson, including:
        * Pose questions to students.
        * Present the topic.
        * Show how to use materials.
        * Review the results of students’ work.

Activities include, where appropriate, a description of materials required, procedures for leading the lesson, instruction language to give students, worksheets, quizzes and answer keys, and supplemental activities.

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Congratulations! You are now ready to start teaching engineering.