Our Teacher’s Guide makes it easy to teach engineering!

And now, the Teacher's Guide is bundled with 25 Dream, Invent, Create books! Choose from either the English version or the bilingual version!

Educators in the classroom, after school, or at home can easily teach engineering to elementary school kids with the Dream, Invent, Create Teacher's Guide, a 175-page downloadable PDF.

See more in Using this Guide. You'll find:

  • 27 easy-to-teach lessons laid out in simple steps

  • Engineering vocabulary guides

  • Thought questions

  • Activities, worksheets, and more!

Adaptable to almost any program schedule or age level, with basic and expanded lessons, this guide is the best way to start making the “E” in STEM a real part of your teaching and learning activities.

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Even with no training in the field, you can make engineering exciting and accessible for your students using this guide. 

Teachers love Dream, Invent, Create, and it is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association!

  • “What a great presentation of areas that engineering affects in a kid-friendly style.” — Denise Skinner, Cannon STEM, Grapevine, TX

  • “Very engaging and wonderful graphics. I would love to read this to a group of young engineers!” — Jim Forde, Stamford Public Schools, Stamford, CT

  • “A great book to get students excited and informed about engineering.” — Elise Zolczynski, Community Resources for Science, Berkeley, CA