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Is Proud to Support NCCAW 2018!

At Start Engineering, we see cybersecurity as an exciting, important career option for students of all backgrounds and interests.


For National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, we are offering FOR FREE all of Chapter 1 in our new Cybersecurity Student Workbook, a 54-page PDF designed to introduce students to cybersecurity and help them identify career options in the field that can work for them.

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The Cybersecurity Student Workbook is designed to complement our Cybersecurity Career Guide, 52 pages of engaging, rich information about what professionals in the field do, what kinds of educational pathways students can take into the field, and where jobs can be found.

For a quick look at both our Cybersecurity Career Guide and Cybersecurity Student Workbook, check out our video!


Our career guide and workbook are perfect for the classroom, after school, a workshop, career night, or anywhere students are learning about cybersecurity!

Cybersecurity Career Guide

This 52-page guide to cybersecurity careers for middle and high school students offers:

  • An explanation of cybersecurity

  • Overview of jobs available in the field

  • Education options for students of all backgrounds

  • Abundant data on salaries, jobs, and employers


Cybersecurity Student Workbook

Show students how a career in cybersecurity can work for them! This 54-page PDF workbook helps students find a place for themselves in the field. They’ll discover that students with all kinds of backgrounds and interests are crucial elements in a robust, vital cybersecurity workforce. Lessons and exercises in cybersecurity basics, cyber ethics, relevant cognitive skills, and career assessment will launch students on their journey to the cybersecurity career that’s right for them.


Before you go …

Check out these other helpful resources for showing students all the ways cybersecurity can be a great career option:

  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, everything you need to know about how the field works.

  • Circadence Project Ares, an immersive, gamified cybersecurity training and assessment platform that provides cybersecurity teams with the opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics in real time.

  • Comic-BEE, where comic book-style lessons can get kids started on the right foot.

  • Cyberseek, comprehensive data about the cybersecurity job market at national, state, and local levels.