We offer a unique opportunity to customize our book with your message. If you order a minimum of 1,000 copies, the back cover of the publication becomes yours to place a personal message or advertisement tailored to your audience. Customized books are $4.65 each (minimum order: 1,000).

For orders of 2,000 or more we can customize the inside front cover as well as the back cover! This will enable you to personalize the publication even further. 



What are the advantages of putting an advertisement or branding message on the back cover of the publication?

The publication becomes "yours," in the sense that it looks as if you created the book for your community, school district or any other target audience. Your personal message is delivered as a part of a high-quality publication in a cost-effective manner.  


Will there be any commercial ads in the publication?

No. The only ad will be the one you put on the back cover. 


What are the art specifications for a back cover ad?

8.25" x 10.875" plus 1/4" bleed, color or b&W, 300 dpi, jpg or pdf


I don’t have any art or production people on my staff, but want to do an ad, can you help me?

Yes, we can help you design the artwork for an ad for the back cover. 


How soon after I submit my order will I receive my publications for a standard order?

Within 10 business days. 


How soon after I submit an order for a custom back cover will I receive my publications?

Within a month of placing your order. 


I want to order more than 1,000 copies of your standard back cover, how much will it cost? 

Call Start Engineering at 202-244-5575, or email us at


I want to order more than 1,000 copies with a custom back cover. How much will it cost? 

Call Start Engineering at 202-244-5575, or email us at


What methods of payment do you accept?

You can place your order for fewer than 1,000 copies through our online store using a credit card, or fax your purchase order to Start Engineering at 202-244-5576.  


I have a credit card or billing issue: Who do I contact?

Call Bob Black at Start Engineering at 202-244-5575