Pre-publication sale on our award-winning Start Engineering Career Guide, 3rd edition!

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Show kids how engineering will help them make a difference in the world!

They’ll learn:

  • Engineering is a great career option. We highlight all the cool things engineers do to make the world a better, safer, and even more fun place.

  • Engineering is one of the hottest careers around. We explain how an engineering degree can offer meaningful work at a good salary and options, options, options, for graduates.

  • Engineering at YOUR SCHOOL can make it all happen! Demonstrate your school’s unique strengths and values by customizing — put your school’s advertisement on the back page AND a letter to students on page 1 about why they should come to your school to study engineering. Minimum order: 1,000 copies.


Order your customized edition before January 1 to get 10% off and free shipping, a savings of over $1,000!

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$5,400 with free shipping

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To order, call us at 202-244-5575 or email us.

New editions will ship by March 1 in time for spring and summer outreach events!

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And, yay! The Start Engineering Career Guide won an Apex Award for Publication Excellence in the
One-of-a-Kind Publications Category.


We know something about outreach

Almost 20 years ago, the Start Engineering team created Engineering, Go for It!, the first engineering outreach publication designed to make engineering accessible and exciting to K-12 audiences. Then we built a franchise around engineering outreach that reached over a million students and teachers through a magazine, a website, meetings and workshops, and partnerships with industry, government, and non-profits.

Now we’re building on this legacy. As always, our career guide shows middle-school and high-school students how they can make the world a better place through a career in engineering.

The 3rd edition will be the best yet:

  • Brand new! A FREE PDF workbook to help students identify the field of engineering that’s right for them.
    Free with custom orders, for sale online to all others.

  • Updated data on degrees, schools, and salaries.

  • Tips and strategies for getting in, paying for, and excelling in the engineering program that’s right for each student.

We’ll cover innovations and new technologies in areas like these:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Bioengineering

  • Environmental issues

  • Energy

  • Space exploration

  • Robotics

… and many more.

The Start Engineering Career Guide can help you show the students you’re trying to reach how engineering at your school can be the right choice for them.

Call us at 202-244-5575 for more information.