Cybersecurity Student Workbook

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Cybersecurity Student Workbook


Designed to accompany our Cybersecurity Career Guide or stand its own, this 54-page PDF helps students answers questions like: 

  • What is cybersecurity and why should I care?

  • What can I do to stay safer online?

  • How do I know if I like or can do cybersecurity?

  • How do I figure out if a career in cybersecurity is right for me?

Opportunity for all

A career in cybersecurity can work for all kinds of students. Technical expertise, for sure, but soft skills, varied intellectual interests, and diverse life experiences are all crucial to the strength and vitality of the cybersecurity workforce.

Our Workbook offers lessons and exercises in cybersecurity basics, cyber ethics, relevant cognitive skills, and career assessment. Completing the four-chapter Workbook will show students what cybersecurity is all about and give them a strong start on finding a place in the field that can work for them.

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