Cybersecurity Classroom Bundle

To build a robust cybersecurity workforce, we need the best and brightest students from all backgrounds to get excited about cybersecurity as a study and career option.

Cybersecurity education means more than just certifications and technical knowledge. It’s about problem-solving, advanced communications skills, and a grasp of the larger context — geopolitical, legal, economic, ethical, or historical. 

The Start Engineering Cybersecurity Career Guide and Student Workbook can point middle and high school students to a meaningful, rewarding future in cybersecurity, whatever their background or interests.

Get them both in our Cybersecurity Classroom Bundle:
25 copies of the Career Guide and a shareable PDF of the Student Workbook – $249.95


Cybersecurity Career Guide

Explanation of cybersecurity in real-world, relevant terms

Types of cyber jobs for students to consider

Education pathways for college-bound and workforce-bound students

Career info, including employers, salaries, and prospects for growth

PDF Cybersecurity Student Workbook

Answers the big questions:

What is cybersecurity and why should I care?

What can I do to stay safer online?

How do I know if I like or can do cybersecurity?

How do I figure out if a career in cybersecurity is right for me?